Transmigration Of Spirit

by Enloom



Caress My Soul and Soft Blue Healing Cloud (2013) were captured at Fire Station Studios in San Marcos Texas during the Portraits of a Vibrant Life recording sessions. Originally to be the last two songs, they were later left out opting to keep the album strictly instrumental.

Transmigration Of Spirit (2011) was captured during the In the Lantern Cusp recordings alongside the song With Ancestors as a compositional experiment exploring improvisation and reactionary first time takes.

Divine Earth Invocation (2013) was captured while exploring the layering of chants over an arrangement of prerecorded guitar loops.

Blue Ray (2013) is an improvised soundbath captured while exploring live looping and loop manipulation. Featured on the album Solace by Mason van Kraayenburg.


released December 1, 2015

Bobby Levy - Guitar, Effects, Vocals
Mason van Kraayenburg - Guitar, Effects, Vocals
Nathan Lee - Percussion (Trasmigration of Spirit)
Abi Putra - Keyboard (Transmigration of Spirit)
Aaron Cormier - Keyboard (Transmigration of Spirit)

Audio Engineering by Nick Capezzuto and James Campbell on Caress My Soul and Soft Blue Healing Cloud

Artwork "Keeper Of Earth" by Melinda Clinch Garza



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Enloom Houston, Texas

"Enloom kind of sounds like what happens when you get stuck down the rabbit hole. That’s not a bad thing, as it’s nice to hear a band that’s proggy and psychedelic actually live up to those monikers"

Free Press Houston

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